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Fast for Life! – Actions to Take this Week

9. March 2011

    This week is the beginning of Lent. It is a time when we can “Fast for Life” and reflect on our own consumption and commit to doing what we can to contribute to global food justice.

    Join with churches, Christian organizations and people of faith around the world in a week of prayer and fasting around Ash Wednesday, 9 March, and reflect on the numbers of hungry people and the human suffering behind them.  Ash Wednesday is a day of repentance Let’s take this as an opportunity to fast from food, fossil fuels and over-consumption as a symbolic gesture of support for hungry and malnourished people.

    What can you do?
    Join by taking either individual or collective action:

    i) If you haven’t already, organize a worship service on Ash Wednesday using EAA liturgy or other workshop resources at http://www.e-alliance.ch/en/s/food/sustainable-consumption/fast-for-life-resources/  to reflect on the inequalities that allow for hunger and over-consumption in this world.

    ii) Use the 10 Steps on the Road from Consumption to Solidarity postcard to discuss with your family or church members or send to friends and colleagues; see how many steps you can take and whether you can add more.

    iii) Reflect on the online daily devotional prayers from 6-13 March available at http://fastforlife.e-alliance.ch. Email mkretz@e-alliance.ch if you would like to receive the daily prayers by email.

    iv) Fast from food as a symbolic gesture in solidarity with people living with hunger and share food with the hungry.

    v) Fast from fossil fuels by parking your car and walking, riding a bike, or taking public transport to help reduce greenhouse gases.

    vi) Fast from over-consumption by leaving your wallet or purse at home and committing to ‘buy nothing’ on 9 March.

    vii) Use the EAA/Ecumenical Water Network fact sheet to learn more about land and water grabbing: http://www.e-alliance.ch/en/s/food/sustainable-consumption/fast-for-life-resources/ (available in English, French, Spanish and German from 8 March).

    viii) Sign the letter to the FAO calling for the respect of land and water rights at www.oikoumene.org/?id=8259

    ix) Share your resources on food consumption, reflections and prayers on Facebook or let us know of your activities by sending an email to amunzara@e-alliance.ch

The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance is a broad international network of churches and Christian organizations cooperating in advocacy on food and HIV and AIDS. The Alliance is based in Geneva, Switzerland. For more information, see http://www.e-alliance.ch/

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