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Press Release: Prove to chair World AIDS Campaign Board

3. April 2012

    Peter Prove, Executive Director, Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA), has been appointed chair of the board of directors for the World AIDS Campaign International (WACI), based in Cape Town.

    "Peter's appointment sends a powerful message about the leadership of the faith-based community in the response to HIV globally and also about WAC's enduring philosophy of engaging multiple and diverse constituencies. In my last two terms as Chair, I have found the EAA always very engaged and with Peter's appointment we have an articulate, committed and action-oriented leader who is well placed to lead WAC in its journey of organizational development," said Allyson Leacock, who is the WAC's outgoing Chair and Executive Director of the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS.

    Prove formally took up the mandate from 2 April 2012. The World AIDS Campaign, which grew out of UNAIDS campaigning efforts with civil society, has led cooperative civil society advocacy on HIV, including selecting the theme for World AIDS Day, since 2004. WAC brings together major civil society groups and networks involved in the global response – people living with HIV, women, youth, sex workers, men who have sex with men, labour, business and faith – to ensure that governments and policy makers meet the HIV targets they set and mobilize the necessary resources to implement them.

    WACI has been undergoing an intensive restructuring process since the closure of its Global North Office in Amsterdam earlier this year. A newly formed Board of Directors and Global Advisory Committee will oversee the strengthening of WACI's efforts out of its office in Cape Town.

    "It is a challenging moment for all of us working in the HIV response, with declining funds and drifting political commitment" said Prove. "But that's why we need the World AIDS Campaign now more than ever before." Referring to the EAA's long relationship with WAC, Prove remarked that "WAC has been a mentor and a guide for the EAA; now I'm looking forward to being an active part of the process of re-positioning WAC as a leader in the next phase of the struggle against the pandemic, and in reaching the three zeros."

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The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance is a broad international network of churches and Christian organizations cooperating in advocacy on food and HIV and AIDS. The Alliance is based in Geneva, Switzerland. For more information, see http://www.e-alliance.ch/

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