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Food for Life Consultation

Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance invited its members to join together in a two and half day consultation from 8-10 March 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa to discuss on how to work together to build and strengthen the ecumenical movement for food justice. The meeting, co-hosted by the Economic Justice Network of FOCCISA, provided EAA members with the opportunity to meet face to face, share experiences, build networks and deepen understanding and opportunities for collaboration. The consultation also sought to provide a platform for sharing the Food for Life Campaign Framework for Action, strategize and plan for actions, events and directions for the campaign. Of importance was also the opportunity to share experiences of faith as a motivation to campaign for food justice and to use this to identify areas for further theological reflections. The consultation was attended by 45 participants from Africa, Asia, North America, Europe and Africa.

Conference Documents
Prayers and Theological reflections
Case Studies
Fast For Life
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