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Almost one billion people in the world live with constant hunger. At the same time, another billion people, those in developed countries, consume on average over 60 percent more than is needed.

Hunger is an appalling reality in our world, especially because there is no need for it. We currently grow enough food to feed everyone. Hunger today is due not to the physical limits of our planet but to the social limits in the ways we have chosen to produce, share, buy and sell food.

The good news is that this means we can change this reality and ensure that everyone has enough food to live in dignity. Do we have the courage to change our own lives and our
own societies to make this possible?

The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance focuses on food in order to overcome hunger and to improve livelihoods in harmony with creation and social justice.

Food for Life Campaign Framework for Action (EN, FR, ES)

Food for Life Campaign Consultation 2010

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Food for Life campaign bulletin

no. 3 / 2014

November 2014

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