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Press Release: Alliance Granted UN Consultative Status

19. July 2013

    The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance has been granted special consultative status by the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council in its meeting yesterday in Geneva.

    Special consultative status permits representatives of non-governmental organizations to attend meetings and issue statements not only related to the Economic and Social Council, but also to its many subsidiary bodies, to the various human rights mechanisms of the United Nations, ad-hoc conferences and other processes, as well as special events organized by the President of the General Assembly.

    Peter Prove, EAA Executive Director, welcomed the news, stating, “The EAA has since its founding engaged with many UN partners and processes, and strongly supports the international frameworks provided by the United Nations for the promotion of health, development, justice, and human rights in our world. With this official consultative status, we look forward to strengthening our members’ access to and advocacy engagement in UN policy forums, especially the UN human rights system.”

    According to the NGO Branch of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, in 2011-2012 some 600 organizations applied for consultative status. On average, between 100 and 150 applications are recommended by the Committee in each of its two sessions per year.

    For more information contact: Sara Speicher, sspeicher@e-alliance.ch, +44 7821 860 723.


The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance is a broad international network of churches and Christian organizations cooperating in advocacy on food and HIV and AIDS. The Alliance is based in Geneva, Switzerland. For more information, see http://www.e-alliance.ch/

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