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Food Advocacy Capacity Building Workshop

The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA) in collaboration with the Economic Justice Network (EJN of FOCCISA); World Student Christian Federation-Africa and the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) organized a workshop entitled Food for Life: Sharing and Strengthening Advocacy Skills for Churches and Christian Organizations. The workshop was held at the Desmond Tutu Training Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, 22-26 November 2010 and was attended by more than 45 participants drawn from 27 ecumenical organizations from the Southern and Central Africa region.

Through this workshop, EAA members and church organizations working on food issues in Southern and Central Africa discussed the current food security challenges Africa is facing including: climate change; HIV and AIDS, dumping, lack of access to markets and agricultural inputs.   

The workshop entailed a variety of modalities, including presentations, panel discussions, group work, field visit and skills-building component. It also included theological reflections on food security, and expounded on the role of churches in advocating for justice.  Advocacy entry points were also highlighted including: national Constitutions; human rights frameworks; and regional bodies (for example the AU, SADC, COMESA).



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