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Watchdogs on the Right to Food

The EAA is dedicated to building up the strengths of our constituencies to become advocates on their own behalf. The first step is to ensure that people are aware of their rights, their state’s obligation to uphold those rights, and the legal frameworks within which they can call those rights to action.

One publication that sheds light on these issues is the annual Right to Food and Nutrition Watch. The report monitors food security and nutrition policies through the lens of human rights frameworks. It aims to close the gap between the injustices and the enforcement mechanisms through which individuals can claim their rights. The publication showcases case studies that bear witness to the barriers that victims face, while also highlighting the landmark decisions and achievements to inspire others to call for respect and greater transparency over the right to food and land.

The 2011 Right to Food and Nutrition Watch, “Claiming Human Rights: The Accountability Challenge”, highlights the need for the greater effective accountability frameworks. If wrongdoers cannot be held responsible for human rights violations then the obligations become nothing more than empty promises. This lack of accountability lies at the heart of the chronic hunger and malnutrition that exists in a bountiful world. In sum, the key conclusions from this year’s publication are:

  1. A genuine worldwide right to food movement is emerging;
  2. The struggle against hunger entails access to justice;
  3. There is an urgent need for increased right to adequate food accountability;
  4. The current lack of accountability and prevalent impunity directly leads to chronic hunger;
  5. The key steps towards defining an agenda to strengthen right to adequate food accountability needs to be identified.


If you are interested in promoting this publication in your area, you can receive a full list of upcoming launches across by contacting the Watch Coordinator Leah Winter. Read the press release from the EAA October launch in Geneva at or watch the event online

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