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A drastic increase in investments in agriculture is urgently needed. But what kind of investments, for what type of agriculture, and by whom? This forum helped civil society to find common language and lines of argument regarding 1) What type of sustainable agriculture do we propose?, 2) What kind of investments are needed by small-scale food producers, to overcome the food crisis? What kind of public investment is needed?, 3) What kind of private sector engagement is needed?, and 4) What should our framing and wording be to ensure that small scale food producers are not the object, but the subject of agricultural investments? Are they part of “the private sector”?




  • Miguel A. Altieri, University of California, Berkeley and President of Latin American Scientific Society of Agroecology (SOCLA)
  • Wilfred Miga, Agricultural and Rural Development Officer, PELUM Association, Regional Desk
  • Karin Ulmer, APRODEV: Research and Investment Scenarios in Africa
  • Gabriel Fernandes's Assessoria e Sevicos a Projetos em Agricultura Alternativ (AS-PTA)
  • Rovik Obanil, Integrated Rural Development Foundation of the Philippines (IRDF)
  • Benjamin Luig, Misereor


  • Wilfred Miga - What Investment is Needed to Scale Up Agroecology - PPT (EN)
  • Karin Ulmer - APRODEV and PELUM Research Paper - Agricultural Research in Africa: Why CAADP should follow IAASTD - PDF (EN)
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