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Interfaith Chaplains Program


The Chaplaincy Program is one of a number of components of the ecumenical and interfaith activities at the Conference. The aims are:

  • To provide a space for quiet, prayer and meditation in the midst of the busyness of the conference.

  • To organize devotional times when members of particular faiths can gather within their own tradition and pray.

  • To be available when asked to offer spiritual direction/counseling.


The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance seeks to assemble (from among Conference participants) a diverse, multi-faith and multicultural team of religious leaders who have the skills and interest in serving as a chaplain during the International AIDS Conference.

These chaplains will serve in the following ways:

  • With other chaplains of their faith community; prepare and lead services of prayer that can be effective within an interfaith space, used also at other times by people of other faiths. This means that objects related to a specific faith need to be removable and the services not overly long. The exact times would be coordinated by the Chaplains Office so that the varieties of faith traditions are served over the course of the Conference and so that these times can be publicized to the conference participants.

  • Chaplains should have skills in accompanying people on their spiritual journeys' with the often difficult situations those attending the Conference have to confront. These skills include counseling, giving sensitive spiritual direction and prayer.

  • Have experience within their faith community and/or training to do chaplaincy work.
  • Treat people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS with honor and care.

  • Respect those from other faith traditions and thus not proselytize.

  • Chaplains should be prepared to bring some objects of particular importance to their faith in order to support prayer within their particular tradition.

  • Keep strict confidentiality regarding anything revealed during counseling.

  • The language for coordination will be English, but those with a wide variety of languages are needed for the overall chaplaincy work, particularly Spanish.

    For those faith traditions which are holding pre-conference meetings, it is strongly recommended that chaplains consider attending these.

In recognition of the service that chaplains will provide to the Conference, the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance and the conference organizers have agreed to a modestly reduced registration fee for those accepted on the Chaplains team. But there are no scholarships available. The Chaplains will be registered as a group booking, which means that we need to register together for this. If accepted as part of the team you will be given further information relating to registration.

Feel free to contact Christoph Mann at grm.cem (at) t-online.de or Christoph.E.Mann (at) t-online.de