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Who We Are

The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA) provides an overall coordinating and support role in the planning of the faith based elements of the IAC, and in doing so facilitates others to take on the leadership of individual elements of the conference in a collaborative manner.
A number of key principles guide our faith-based planning and work together for the IAC:


  • Our process is open, inviting and transparent
  • We respect our differences and are committed to working together and learning from one another
  • We will be energetic and creative 

  • We promote the greater involvement of people living with HIV and AIDS in all that we do 

  • We can do more together than alone, we are both local and global, and we are first and foremost promoting our work together rather than individual organizations or agendas 

  • We are motivated by and grounded in our respective faiths.
The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA) is a global network of churches and church-related organizations working in advocacy and campaigning on HIV and AIDS and food. With more than 100 participating churches and organizations, big and small, the network reaches every continent and a constituency of hundreds of millions of Christians.
The Alliance coordinating office is based in Geneva, Switzerland at the Ecumenical Center.

Contact: aids2010 (at) e-alliance.ch

Local Host Organizers

Coordinating faith-based events would not be possible without the assistance and commitment of representatives of local faith based communities and organizations. In Vienna, the local key contacts are:

Dr. Jochen Kramm, Beauftragter für Kirchenbeziehungen
Ms. Lisa Sterzinger, World Vision Austria

Multi-Faith Working Group

A diverse team is planning this year’s multi-faith pre-conference:

Dr. Kezevino Aram, India
Ms. Natalia Cherednicnenko, Russia
Rev. Makeba D'Abreu, United States
Ms. Anggia Ermarini, Indonesia
Rev. JP Mokgethi-Heath, South Africa
Dr. Jochen Kramm, Austria
Dr. Christoph E. Mann, Germany
Dr. Dhally Menda, Zambia
Rev. Lisandro Orlov, Argentina
Ms. Nuraan Osman, South Africa
Ms. Caroline Nyambura Thuo Reggy, Kenya
Ms. Viktoria Sargsyan, Armenia
Dr. Erlinda Senturias, Thailand
Mr. Jan Bjarne Sødal, Norway
Ms. Deepika Singh, United States
Ms. Lisa Sterzinger, Austria

Teams and committees
Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance Coordinating Office - Geneva, Switzerland


Jenny Borden, Interim Executive Director

Sara Speicher, Communications Consultant

Ruth Foley, HIV and AIDS Campaign Officer