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Young people call on world leaders:

Keep the Promise

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Teaching resource on advocacy and HIV and AIDS

A new, easy-to-use resource is now available to help teachers and group leaders run classes on HIV and AIDS and get students motivated to take action to fight the pandemic.

Background information, latest statistics and real-life stories help paint a picture of the effects that HIV and AIDS are having in our world. There is a section linking HIV and AIDS to faith and a range of fun activities to help young people engage and interact with the issues.

Once equipped with this knowledge and energized to take action, the booklet leads your students through the process of writing letters to their national and world leaders asking them to keep the promises they've made to fight HIV and AIDS.

Order the curriculum now and have young people join with thousands of others across the world in this letter-writing campaign!

In addition to the teaching resource, the resources and links on this page can help you plan your activities.

This teaching resource is produced by the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance and supported by UNAIDS, World AIDS Campaign and the World Health Organization.

We are grateful for the financial support of the following organizations which made this free resource possible: Church of Sweden, whose support helped to launch the project; Christian Aid, Church of Scotland, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, FinnChurchAid, HEKS/EPER (Swiss Interchurch Aid), Norwegian Church Aid, Presbyterian World Service and Development (Canada), World Health Organization, World Vision International

Promises to Respond to HIV and AIDS

  • Political Declaration, 2 June, 2006 - Link (EN)
  • National government statements at the Meeting - Link (EN)
  • National government reports on their efforts to fulfill the 2001 Declaration of Commitment - Link (EN)
  • Shadow reports written by civil society on more than 40 countries - Link (EN)
  • Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS (2001) - PDF (EN)
  • Our Voice, Our Future: Young People Report on Progress Made on the UNGASS Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS - Link (EN)
  • Background on the Campaign Theme: Keep the Promise - PDF (EN)
  • Declarations and Policy Statements by Churches and Faith Based Organizations from 2001 to 2005 - PDF (EN)
  • Millenium Development Goals - Link (EN)
  • UNGASS Review web portal for civil society - Link (EN)
  • World AIDS Campaign - Link (EN)
  • Ecumenical involvement in the UNGASS review

Facts about HIV and AIDS

  • Fact sheets on HIV and AIDS in different regions of the world - Link (EN)
  • UNAIDS: Epidemic Update, December 2005 - PDF (EN)
  • AIDSMap - AIDS organizations worldwide - Link (EN)
  • Millenium Development Goals - Link (EN)
  • AIDS Clock: Current statistics and interesting information (requires Flash) - Link (EN)
  • Avert - an international AIDS charity - Link (EN)

Media and Publicity

Other resources

  • Prayer and Worship Resources on HIV and AIDS
  • CD-Rom with over 90 posters and a hundred multi-lingual resources for awareness-raising and action - Link (EN)
  • AIDSMap - AIDS organizations worldwide Web - Link (EN)
  • Next Steps: For positive change in attitudes that cause HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination: An additional resource to support churches and community groups in continuing the dialogue about HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination (in English, French and Spanish) - PDF (EN, FR, ES)
  • What Religious Leaders can do about HIV/AIDS: Action for Children and Young People by The World Conference of Religions for Peace in conjunction with UNICEF and UNAIDS (2004) - PDF (EN, FR)