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Scaling up effective partnerships

Scaling up effective partnerships: A guide to working with faith-based organisations in the response to HIV and AIDS is practical guidance for:

  • United Nations staff
  • government officials
  • positive people's networks
  • non-governmental organisations
  • development partners
  • foundations, and
  • the private sector.

The resource is intended to provide background information and case studies, counteract myths, and give practical guidance to people who want to collaborate with faith-based organisations on joint projects related to HIV and AIDS.

The guide reviews the relevant teachings and structures of five of the major world religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Examples of current responses, potential obstacles, terminology and case studies are intended to give practical advice for initiating or expanding collaboration at local and national levels.

The need for the guide was highlighted in a number of workshops and studies over the past two years that identified lack of information and misinformation as major factors inhibiting scaling up existing faith-based projects and developing joint initiatives.

The guide has been produced by Church World Service, Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, Norwegian Church Aid, UNAIDS, and World Conference of Religions for Peace.

Scaling up effective partnerships: A guide to working with faith-based organisations in the response to HIV and AIDS, written by Steven Lux and Kristine Greenaway; forward by Sigrun Mogedal, Norwegian HIV/AIDS Ambassador; available in English, French and Spanish, 160 pp.


Scaling up effective partnerships PDF (EN, ES, FR)

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If you would like to request a printed copy of this resource, please fill out the form below. This resource is free. However, the manual is available only in limited numbers in printed copies. The printed copies are intended for the type of partners listed above. The manual is NOT designed for the direct use of faith-based organizations or religious leaders (for whom it would be obvious information) - but rather for others who wish to learn about collaborating with FBOs.

Printed copies will be sent only to individuals who are the intended recipients or people who have a clear plan to present it to an appropriate person. Anyone else may obtain a copy by downloading it above.

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