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How to Talk about HIV Prevention in the Church

About this Resource

Exploring Solutions

For over two decades AIDS has led to the deaths of millions of people and devastated families, communities, and the social and economic fabric of many countries. Today we know how to treat HIV and AIDS and how to prevent the transmission of HIV. And yet the virus continues to spread because so many of us don't talk about it.

AIDS touches on many issues that we - particularly in the Church - find uncomfortable to discuss openly and realistically, such as sex and injecting drug use. But because we don't talk about HIV and AIDS, we perpetuate myths about the disease - how people get it, whom it affects, how it can be treated. If people don't learn about the disease, then we can't change any of its root causes.

This guide aims to help people in churches to talk openly, accurately and compassionately about why HIV spreads and what we as individuals and communities can do to help stop it in its tracks.


  • Dialogue and conversations about HIV prevention
  • The Church's role in the response to HIV
  • No longer cymbals nor silent: dialogue as a matter of faith
  • What is dialogue?
  • How to start dialogue
  • Ground rules for dialogue on HIV prevention
  • Outcomes and next steps
  • Determining and framing the sessions
  • Suggested themes for dialogue groups
    • Theme I: Dialogue, Stigma and HIV Prevention
    • Theme II: HIV Transmission and Prevention
    • Theme III: Vulnerability and HIV Prevention
    • Theme IV: Sex, Sexuality and HIV Prevention
    • Theme V: Testing, Counseling and HIV Prevention
    • Theme VI: Promoting Life
  • Success looks like?
  • Appendix A: HIV transmission and prevention
  • Appendix B: Reflection questions on sex, religion and HIV prevention
  • Appendix C: Resources for more information


"Exploring Solutions: How to Talk about HIV Prevention in the Church" is availble to download as a PDF in four languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

English: A4, Letter
French: A4, Letter
Spanish: A4, Letter
Portuguese: A4, Letter

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