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HIV-Related Travel Restrictions

HIV+…..it shouldn’t make a difference.

Today, 59 countries still impose some form of HIV-specific restrictions on people wishing to enter or remain in a country for a short period of time (e.g. business, personal or tourism) or for a longer period (e.g. employment, asylum or refugee resettlement, or study). HIV-related travel restrictions have no valid public health rationale and may in fact undermine HIV prevention and other efforts to stop the epidemic by fuelling stigma and discrimination and causing individuals to hide their status. There has been no proof to the claim that removing such restrictions will create an economic burden for countries.

The EAA has developed an awareness game called “Around the World with HIV” to educate and motivate people to campaign to end HIV-related travel restrictions.  The game makes people more aware about which countries impose travel restrictions on people living with HIV and the types of restrictions in place. In addition, those who “play” the game are encouraged to take action with their own government and others to end travel restrictions. 

Setting up the game: Around the World With HIV

You can set up the game for your own group or event by downloading and printing the materials on this site.

You should have:

  1. An “immigration booth”. This could be a counter or table that someone playing the immigration official can stand behind.  Have a sign clearly displaying “Immigration Control” for the game.
  2. Enough country game cards for all possible participants, in a basket or bucket for people to draw them from.
  3. Instructions on playing the game
  4. Passport covers for each traveler
  5. Stamp or sticker to place inside passport cover
  6. List of HIV travel restrictions from each country (Download the “Quick Reference” guide from www.hivtravel.org). 
  7. Tags for the immigration officer to give to “travelers”


Click here for game resources

How it works

People will come to the immigration booth where the game is set up.  Have copies of the “fake passport” covers at the booth.

If the game is being played over several days, you may want to focus on a different region each day.

A person will come to the game/advocacy area and draw a game card from a bucket. They must check off what they guess to be the travel restrictions of that country (e.g. ban, no restrictions, restrictions on short term visits, restrictions on long term visits). 

Then they hand the card to the “immigration officer” behind the booth who will help them look up the country they have drawn and check their answers from a binder with the current data.  This is a chance to engage the person playing the game in a real conversation about travel restrictions. Are they surprised about the game result? What is the situation in their country? What can they do?

The players then receive a stamp in their passport. There is one stamp per region. You may print these stamps on stickers or plain paper and glue them in the passport cover.

Especially if playing over multiple days, you can offer a prize for those who collect a stamp for each region. We have offered luggage tags that read: “HIV+….it shouldn’t make a difference”. You could also print this as a sticker for people to put on their luggage.

Player instructions

Play the game! Learn! Get a prize! And take action!


  1. Mark the card with a pen with your best guess about the HIV-related travel restrictions of the country on your card.
  2. Show your card to the person staffing the booth to look up the answer
  3. How did you do? What do you think? Are you surprised?
  4. The person staffing the booth will stamp your “passport” with the special stamp or sticker for the day (whether your answer was right or wrong, you get a stamp for playing)
  5. After you collect all five stamps, after playing the game five times for each region, you will receive a special edition luggage tag (or other special prize) to show you are a campaigner to lift HIV-related travel restrictions
  6. Now - What will you do to campaign against HIV-related travel restrictions?

Draw a card from the basket and read it.

For more information:

    • Global Database on HIV-related Travel Restrictions - Link (EN)
    • Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance "Discrimination, Isolation, Denial: A Resource and Action Guide on Travel Restrictions Against People Living with HIV"  - PDF (EN, ES, FR)
    • UNAIDS - Link (EN)
    • European Treatment Action Group - Link (EN
    • International AIDS Society - Link (EN)


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Game Resources

Download the materials for “Around the World with HIV”

  1. Game cards - PDF (EN and ES, EN and FR)
  2. Instructions - PDF (EN and ES, EN and FR)
  3. Passport Cover - PDF (EN, ES, FR)
  4. Sign for Immigration Control - PDF (EN, ES, FR)
  5. Stamps for passport - PDF (EN, ES, FR)
  6. List of restrictions by country - Link (EN)
  7. Luggage tag or sticker - PDF (EN, ES, FR)