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Action Alert: Join Hands to promote resilient farming production and livelihoods during the Churches Week of Action on Food

10. September 2014

    Join millions of Christians around the world from 12-19 October in taking action on resilience - ensuring we have:


    • sustainable food production methods, such as agroecology, best suited to local contexts and our long term future;
    • marketing and distribution systems to ensure livelihoods for farmers and their communities;
    • commitments and actions to reduce food waste throughout the food chain;
    • policies that promote all the above!


    In 2014, the week of action will be held from 12-19 October and incorporates the International Day for Rural Women (October 15), World Food Day (October 16) and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17).


    What can you do?


    Start your planning by considering actions such as:


    • Set aside a church service on 16 October to focus on the importance of resilience. The Churches Week of Action liturgy can be used in its entirety or adapted for your context.
    • Join hands with a community in another country to share your food story. Connect your church or community group with a group in another country to learn about each other’s issues and concerns for food and nutrition security. Getting started is easy!
      • To express your interest and find a community to connect to, contact Christine Campeau, EAA Food Campaign Coordinator, at ccampeau@e-alliance.ch and give her the following information:
        1. Name of Your Church or Community Group:
        2. Location: City/County/Province and Country:
        3. Contact person name:
        4. Contact person email:
        5. What are some of the best ways for our group to communicate (e.g. email, Skype, social media, etc.):
        6. Language(s):
        7. Faith tradition, if any:
        8. Does your church or community group have a preference in connecting with a group in a particular location or from a particular faith tradition? If so, please indicate your preferences:
    • Organize a church group to study agriculture and land references in the Bible, including II Corinthians 9:10. God who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. Other suggestions are available in EAA’s Sister Communities Questionnaire .
    • Invite a local farmer to share his story at a church or community lobbying event.
    • Use social media tools to get your seed story message out! For Twitter, we invite you to follow this year’s hashtag #AgroResilience. Share sayings, reflections, facts and stories that highlight what increasing resilience looks like in practice.


    Want more? Theological reflections on land grabbing, seed diversity, climate change’s impact on agriculture will be available next week.


    For more information on the issues and opportunities for food justice, plus ideas for action, see resources for the 2014 week and previous Churches’ Weeks of Action on Food at www.e-alliance.ch/en/s/food/food-week-of-action/



The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance is a broad international network of churches and Christian organizations cooperating in advocacy on food and HIV and AIDS. The Alliance is based in Geneva, Switzerland. For more information, see http://www.e-alliance.ch/

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