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2014 LINK Bulletin

25. March 2014

    Message from the EAA Board Chair


    In a letter to members of the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

    on 10 December 2013, EAA Executive Director Peter Prove

    and I shared news of the challenging financial situation faced

    by the EAA, but also the very deep commitment of the Board

    and staff to continue EAA’s important work and to support

    this unique network of Christian advocates for justice and human




    Closing the 2013 Financial Year


    After over two months of almost weekly conference calls, the

    Board of Directors met in Geneva on 20-21 February 2014

    to review the preliminary findings of the 2013 audit and to

    discuss concrete steps to secure the future work of the EAA...



    Seeking a Sustainable Future


    As noted in the December letter, and following the mandate

    given to the EAA in its 2013 General Assembly in August, the

    Board of Directors began discussions with the World Council

    of Churches and ACT Alliance regarding possible forms of

    integration, synergy and/or collaboration, that would enable

    this alliance to continue its important collaborative advocacy

    on HIV and AIDS, and on food security and sustainable




    Special General Assembly and Discussion of EAA Future Direction


    The Board of Directors has scheduled a Special General

    Assembly to be held online between 12-16 May 2014, anticipating

    the decisions that will need to be made as the Board

    fulfills its 2013 Assembly mandate which was approved as




    Campaign Updates


    While these structural discussions are ongoing, our work in

    addressing HIV and AIDS and food security and sustainable

    agriculture continues unabated...



    Next Steps


    We have felt blessed by the continuing strong messages of

    support and financial contributions that have affirmed the

    EAA’s vital role as a valuable and unique instrument for broad

    and effective ecumenical collaboration in advocacy...



    Live the Promise Campaign Update



    Faith Events at AIDS 2014 - Melbourne, Australia


    The program and logistics for “Stepping up in Faith: The Interfaith

    Pre-Conference to AIDS 2014” are being finalized by the Global

    Reference Group in coordination with the Local Host Committee...



    Framework for Dialogue between Religious Leaders and People Living with HIV


    A country-to-country sharing meeting was held 13-14 December

    in Nairobi, with representatives from the pilot projects and

    related networks in Malawi, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya...



    HIV, Human Rights, and Theology Colloquium and Publication


    The Live the Promise campaign on HIV and AIDS is undergirded

    by a strong human rights-based approach that recognizes

    that denial of these rights, and discrimination that undermines

    our essential human dignity, increase vulnerability to

    HIV infection and are major drivers of the pandemic...



    Staffing Transitions


    After four years of masterful coordination that has taken

    the HIV campaign to new levels in addressing root causes of

    vulnerability and fostering dialogue and action across many

    sectors, HIV Campaign Coordinator Ruth Foley is moving on

    to new challenges with the Department for World Service,

    The Lutheran World Federation...



    Food for Life Campaign Update



    Ensuring Adequate Nutrition through a Rights-Based Approach


    Appropriate and effective ways to tackle the double burden

    of undernutrition and obesity are becoming hotly debated...



    Reducing Food Waste and Promoting Sustainable Consumption


    EAA’s “Fast for Life” Lenten Challenge encouraged individuals

    to strive for zero food waste with 10 practical actions...



    Conflict, Population Displacement, and Land Tenure


    The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Swiss Agency for

    Development and Cooperation (SDC) supported EAA in delivering

    a side event on “Conflict, Population Displacement and

    Land Tenure” at the 64th Session of the UNHCR Executive

    Committee on 6 March...



    Right to Food Watch


    This annual publication analyses trends in policies and practices

    that impact the right to adequate food and nutrition,

    and presents national case studies demonstrating the impact

    of policies and practices on local and national communities...



    Food Week of Action - Save the Date!


    Churches Week of Action on Food, 12-19 October 2014, will

    focus on the importance of sustainable agricultural practices,

    empowering small-scale farmers and their communities and

    ensuring their access to natural resources, such as land, water

    and seeds...



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The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance is a broad international network of churches and Christian organizations cooperating in advocacy on food and HIV and AIDS. The Alliance is based in Geneva, Switzerland. For more information, see http://www.e-alliance.ch/

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