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Fill out the 2013 Order Form to receive hard copies of a wide selection of past publications, or access online versions of publications through the provided links.  The form can be submitted online or mailed to the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance main office. See PDF for more details.

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Annual Report 2012

Learn more about the EAA and its advocacy work in 2012.  Find information on finances, members, and current projects, as highlighted through engaging articles and video interviews.

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Whose Alliance? The G8 and the Emergence of a Global Corporate Regime for Agriculture

EAA and its member CIDSE, an international alliance of Catholic development agencies, are deeply concerned about the vision and approach of the G8 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa which enshrines food security in a market orientation, rather than as a human right. We believe the initiative falls short of what is needed to eradicate hunger and could potentially undermine progress towards that end. This briefing outlines what we consider to be some of the major problems and risks with the New Alliance, as well as key recommendations. The analysis and recommendations are structured around three central themes: 1) Coherence, 2) Vision, and 3) Process.

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Live the Promise Advent Calendar

These daily Advent devotions on HIV written by an EAA member responding to HIV around the globe. Whether followed during Advent or any other time of the year, readers will receive insights into this crucial work, as well as inspiration and challenge for their own actions and engagement in the HIV response.

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Nourishing the World Sustainably: Scaling up Agroecology

This briefing paper documents the success of sustainable agricultural practices that support small-scale farmers and local communities and which also benefit the environment and natural resource base.
It establishes the case for more investment in this alternative path rather than expanding the industrial “green revolution” style of agriculture. While industrial agriculture has certainly increased food production in recent decades, it has also “destabilized the natural resource base and drives much of the loss of biodiversity” as well as contributing - directly and indirectly - to the 30% of total global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) currently generated by the agricultural sector. 

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Food Week of Action Guide

This guide helps you take part in the Churches’ Week of Action on Food at a time when almost one billion people on the planet are hungry. The guide highlights the underlying causes to the global food crisis and outlines what we can do individually and collectively to promote food security worldwide. The guide tells stories of people women affected by food insecurity and provides Biblical reflections and links to sermons on food and faith. Finally, the guide offers action ideas and links to regional fact sheets and worship resources.

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Annual Report 2011

This engaging report captures the highlights of the advocacy work of the EAA in 2011 in words and images. Participants and financial contributors are listed, and financial data is summarized.

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DVD on Religious Leadership

A high level summit held in the Netherlands in March 2010 brought religious leaders from many faiths and around the globe together with people living with HIV and leaders and representatives of organizations active in the response. The aim was to maximize the growing leadership potential of key religious figures particularly in addressing stigma and discrimination.
Their words and testimonies shared in this DVD through speeches and interviews are moving, challenging, inspiring. These words led the religious leaders at the Summit to sign a personal commitment to action, resolving that “together, we must do more.”

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My Personal Commitment to Action

Religious leaders from many faiths and from around the world have committed themselves personally to do more to respond to HIV and AIDS. Their personal commitment can help provide important new momentum in the global response - overcoming stigma and discrimination, promoting prevention,ensuring treatment and care, advocating for sufficient and sustainable resources to help all those in need. This brochure invites religious leaders to make a difference to people’s lives.

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IAASTD Fact Sheet

The International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) report is the result of a four-year consultative process involving international development agencies, governments, civil society, policy makers, scientists and the private sector. The report clearly shows that current commercial agricultural practices are endangering the planet while also failing to substantially reduce the number of people living in hunger. Its proposals to reverse this trend recognize the importance of environmental protection, smallscale food producers and traditional knowledge, and trade practices that protect local food production. Despite the broad process and its far-reaching findings, governments have given the report little attention. It is up to civil society to promote its findings and push governments to implement its proposals. This fact sheet summarizes the process and findings of the report, and what needs to be done to ensure food security for all.

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HIV and the Right to Food (2010)

An easy to understand fact sheet on the vital interrelationship between access to food, comprehensive treatment for HIV, and HIV’s impact on agricultural production. Includes advocacy ideas on how churches and church development organisations can engage on the issue.

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HIV Prevention: A Global Theological Conversation

edited by Gillian Paterson (2009)

In this challenging book, 35 theologians and practitioners, from different traditions and continents, engage in a conversation with one another, with their hurches, with UN agencies, and with organizations of people living with HIV or AIDS. The aim is to establish some common ground that will translate into action, and to help people understand better the issues related to HIV prevention on which theologians cannot agree.

Available in English, French and Spanish.

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Discrimination, isolation, rejet : guide d’information sur les restrictions de déplacement contre les personnes vivant avec le VIH

de Thabo Sephuma (2008)

Document d’information et guide d’action visant à aider les croyants au niveau communautaire à comprendre les questions concernant les restrictions de déplacement liées au VIH et à agir.

Disponible en anglais, en français et en espagnol

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Politiques commerciales et faim : l’impact de la libéralisation du commerce sur le droit à l’alimentation des communautés de riziculteurs du Ghana, du Honduras et d’Indonésie

Trade Policies & Hunger


L’accès à l’alimentation est un droit humain fondamental.  Pourtant, cette étude révèle que les approches commerciales que préconisent actuellement les organisations internationales ont porté atteinte au droit à l'alimentation.  Le rapport est centré sur le riz et se penche sur la sécurité alimentaire des communautés de riziculteurs du Ghana, d'Indonésie et du Honduras. Unique en son genre parmi les recherches sur les politiques commerciales, l’étude présente côte à côte une analyse macroéconomique et des études de cas portant sur les droits humains tirées de la réalité des communautés.

Sommaire : Disponible en anglais, en français et en espagnol

Rapport complet : Disponible en anglais, en français, en espagnol et en indonésien

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Explorer des solutions : Comment parler de la prévention du VIH dans l’Église?

Exploring Solutions


Guide pratique et complet à l'intention des Églises ou des communautés religieuses, montrant comment dialoguer sur les questions de prévention du VIH.  Il vise à entamer un processus de dialogue permettant d’aborder des questions délicates dans un cadre sûr, mutuellement respectueux et structuré.

Disponible en anglais, en français, en espagnol et en portugais

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Mettre en place des partenariats efficaces : un guide pour lutter avec les organismes d’inspiration religieuses contre le VIH et le sida

Scaling Up Effective Partnerships

de Steven Lux et Kristine Greenaway (2006)

Conseils pratiques à l’intention du personnel des Nations Unies, des fonctionnaires gouvernementaux, des réseaux de personnes vivant avec le VIH, des organisations non gouvernementales, des partenaires du développement, des fondations et du secteur privé.  À noter :  Ce manuel n’est PAS conçu pour être utilisé directement par les organisations confessionnelles ou les chefs religieux (car les informations qu'il contient sont évidentes pour eux) - mais bien par d’autres qui souhaitent se renseigner sur les façons de collaborer avec les organisations confessionnelles.

Disponible en anglais, en français et en espagnol

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Tenir sa promesse : livret pédagogique sur la défense d’intérêts, le VIH et le sida.

Keep the Promise


Une ressource facile à utiliser est maintenant disponible pour aider les enseignant-e-s et les chefs de groupe à amener les jeunes à se renseigner sur le VIH et le sida et à passer à l'action.
Disponible en anglais, en français, en espagnol en russe et en portugais

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Le stigmate en relation avec le sida : penser en dehors du cadre pré-établi – le défi théologique

AIDS Related Stigma

de Gillian Paterson (2005)

Étude sur la stigmatisation associée au sida.

Disponible en anglais, en français, en espagnol et en portugais

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Combating Stigma and Discrimination: The Role of Religion in Building Inclusive Communities Responding to HIV & AIDS

Combating Stigma and Discrimination cover


Contient des outils et des suggestions d’approches – tant pratiques que théologiques – visant à aider les communautés et chefs religieux à éliminer la stigmatisation et la discrimination.

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